SAP Upgrade

Optimization of business processes, old solutions that are too expensive to maintain, and the need to implement new SAP functions and enhancements make it necessary to update and raise the system standard.This process is commonly called the SAP Upgrade Project. Traditionally, a task of this type is carried out by a project team including technical consultants and module consultants, who make labour-intensive reviews of configuration settings resulting from the change of the SAP system release. When taking part in numerous upgrade projects we paid our attention to the fact that this process takes too long, is too complicated and poses for the customer too much risk related to the operations on a key business system of the company as it requires downtime that lasts many hours, often even several days.The above-mentioned processes and other work progress is monitored using a central cockpit. There is practically no limit to the number and size of clients that can simultaneously participate in data migration, and the process itself (through automation) can be repeated many times.


Are you planning an upgrade?

Start from the SAP system analysis.

The main advantages of the SAP Upgrade process automation are:

Reduction of the system unavailability (downtime)
Reduced users involvement, as the project is carried out unnoticed!
Lower operating costs
Automation and simplification of the SAP upgrade process, Unicode conversion, and software repository adaptation
Fewer implementations of patches in comparison to a traditional upgrade method
Separation of the upgrade project from data transfer
The system is available within shorter period of time
Fast tests completion
Reduced risk for the go-live after the upgrade (the older version of the system is kept until the decision of definite shutdown) keeping record of configuration changes in the initial phase after the upgrade