Training courses and workshops

An integral element of the system implementation process is to familiarize users with SAP solutions. The users usually learn the system through training courses and workshops on individual SAP modules and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform along with the issues covering the aspects of ABAP programming and Basis (system administration) area. Training services and workshops offered by Sapalogy meet the needs of the knowledge transfer to the project teams and the end user training. The needs to deepen the knowledge at a higher level, appearing in customers already using SAP solutions, are also met. The participants of training courses and workshops are employees at all levels who already use the system or are planning it. At the Customer's request, such training courses can be conducted by certified consultants of Sapalogy.


We offer three types of training

1 Dedicated training courses

Training courses based on SAP standard courses and training systems as well as the proprietary materials in the scope agreed with the Customer on the system of SI-Consulting, conducted at the Customerís premises or in the training rooms of Sapalogy.

2 Workshops

As in the case of the dedicated training courses, workshops may be conducted anywhere, however, with an emphasis on practical exercises performed on Customer's systems within the agreed scope.

3 Open Internet sessions with the use of the Cisco WebEx platform

General training courses and presentations as well as specialized demonstrations of the SAP technology solutions. Many training courses are carried out in cooperation with the Training Centre of clients.

Most of us are aware of the fast pace of changes in the modern life. To follow them you not only need to acquire new knowledge, but also continue education through practice. In many areas, improvement of the professional competence may be achieved largely through collaborative learning. This is enabled by the training courses and workshops prepared at the request of the company. Therefore, we invite you to take advantage of the dedicated training offering whose program takes into account the specific Customer needs and requirements.