The SAP service

Advantages of using Sapalogy application service

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The company concentrates on its basic operations and responsibilities, increasing its market value through improving quality, streamlining business processes and reducing their costs, outrunning the competition. Shorter time to close service request The response time to the reported issue is regulated by the provisions of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which prevents the issue resolution delay. Each case is directed to experiences consultants having access to the centralized knowledge base of the best solutions that proved successful for other customers.

No overflows in the internal help-desk

Whenever the number of the reported issues exceeds the capability to resolve them, overflows can be easily transferred to Sapalogy-service.

Resistance to personnel changes in Your Company

A holiday leave, leave on demand, maternity leave, sick leave, training courses donít influence the time and way of the reported issue resolution. With Sapalogy Service, each request will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Professional and proven employees

All employees of Sapalogy-service were trained in the professional customer service. Additionally, the conducted phone calls are recorded and then evaluated for the quality of service by experienced managers acting in the industry for more than ten years.

Access to know-how

External help-desk grants an access to know-how and best practices. Sapalogy-service employees are trained in existing and newest system functionalities used successfully by other customers. Moreover they have an access to a centralised knowledge base.


Lack of infrastructure investments,External help-desk equals considerable cost reduction, i.e. the company does not have to bear the cost of, among others, initial investments, maintaining the infrastructure, depreciation, or hiring consultants.