Implementation Project Management

The decision to implement a new IT solution in an enterprise involves many activities that are aimed at achieving the objective pursued. The way to success must be clearly defined – there is no room for trial and makeshift solutions, therefore a methodical approach is required. The word “methodology” is very important to us—we know that efficient project management is the key to open the toughest lock. In our work, we rely on proven international standards, such as PMBOK, Prince2 and ASAP. Implementation of the new solution is a complex organizational endeavour, where the technical aspects must work perfectly well with the business aspects. The project, lasting typically from a few to several months, often interferes with organizational structures, operating procedures, responsibilities and authorizations of individual employees. It is important to be aware of the change brought by an implementation project and to manage this process properly at all levels, not only at the IT level.


The ASAP (Accelerated SAP) implementation methodology recommended by SAP presents a comprehensive approach to the implementation process. It offers a range of templates and best practices, including:

• Organizational structure of the implementation project
• Implementation methodology
• Tools to support the implementation process

According to this methodology, the project is divided into five implementation phases. A properly structured Project Team is responsible for the completion of tasks within all the phases. Division of the whole project into smaller fragments, i.e. phases, and defining the milestones and deliverables for each phase allows a better planning and management of tasks.

Below follow the individual project phases:
1. Project preparation
2. Implementation Blueprint
3. Realization
4. Final preparation
5. Go-live and support

During the entire implementation process, we use a number of tools supporting the process management. These are both SAP embedded tools and the document templates and procedures developed by Sapalogy that facilitate the communication, monitoring of the implementation progress, and resolution of open issues or support the project risk management. In the project preparation phase, during the implementation methodology workshops, we present individual tasks and work methods used by Sapalogy to the project teams. ASAP, Accelerated SAP, the SAP solution implementation methodology developed by SAP (prepared with taking into account PMBOK). PMBOK Guide, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, is a set of standards and solutions widely used in project management, gathered and published by the members of PMI (Project Management Institute).