Sapalogy Offers

Service Support Allowance

Offering Service Support Allowance, Sapalogy completes service requests within and beyond service requests allowance which will be calculated in accordance with the Service Level Agreement.The time spent on the service request completion is calculated in accordance with the set daily rates of service support.The time spent on the service request completion within the allowance is accounted every three months. It is possible for Sapalogy to provide applications development services within the Service Support Allowance. The services provided in accordance with the set schedule will not be included in the Service Level Agreement.

Periodic training workshops in sap functionalities

Offering Remote SAP system administration, Sapalogy runs periodic training workshops on recently published SAP functionalities. The workshops are organized every six months, starting from the sixth month of the agreement coming into effect.

Remote sap systems administration

“Remote SAP system administration” service includes the following products:
• SAP systems administration
• Data warehouse administration
• Operating System Administration
• Users Administration

The scope of sap application services

Sapalogy provides services within the following SAP environments:
• Customer relationship management
• Business intelligence
• Middleware

Sapalogy infrastructure and additional information

• Record of the service requests system which allows to register the requests remotelyg
• Recording telephone conversations
• Service Team working hours up to the Customer needs
• Answering and completion of service requests adjusted to the Customer requirements
• Numerous and experienced Consultants Team