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Vehicle tracking system

Sapalogy provides a Fully Customized Fleet Management Application, designed to fit specific needs of various Organizations and Industries. Plan Alerts and Set Destination Route, get Customized Reports for any Specified Date and Time, Monitor and Track in Real-Time through GIS map. With your Fleet in control, the increase in organizational efficiency and productivity is inevitable. Sapalogy can successfully provide solutions for:

Transportation and Logistics
Refrigerated Vans ans Trucks
Tour and Travel Operators
Ambulance Monitoring
School Bus Tracking System
Waste Management
Generator Monitoring System
Oil Tankers and Gas Trucks
Police and Defence Bodies
Personal Tracking





Two Way








Key Features

SOS from a driver in case there is an emergency.
History tracking, in detailed and animated modes
Live Monitoring of vehicles through GIS map nationwide
Alerts for AC, Idle, Ignition, over speeding and Vehicle Tow
Fuel Sensor operating at highest precision level for monitoring fuel theft as well as usage
Thermal Sensor that provide instant alerts for temperature conditions in any thermal sensitive cargo
Measure distance starting from the key on moment to the key off moment, and report generation by the driver and/or the vehicle
View your vehicles from anytime, anywhere through internet connected devices such as PDA, PC etc through a password protected website
Instant Alerts along with the opening of a certain compartment or a series of compartments. This is vital for critical high value transportation
Mileage tracking; our high precision GPS module (i.e. +/- 3%) provides accurate reading of mileage. You can accordingly make on-time maintenance check-up with the periodic mileage transmissions
Point of interests (POI) for depot or office marking, for getting alerts as soon as a vehicle reaches destination
Vehicle operating status that is provided at each and every transmission, including current speed, ignition on/off, and accurate odometer reading
It is possible to implement speed restrictions to a pre-set speed in a particular area, with options for warning the driver or stopping the vehicle
Geo fencing that allows you to mark a particular area with virtual fence. Alerts are going to get activated if a vehicle is entering/leaving/not entering/not leaving a particular area

Security Related Features

Transportation and Logistics
Antenna Tempering alerts in case someone tempers with the system
Jamming Protection mechanism that is put to use when the Anti-Jammers fail to work properly
Emergency Button that sends an immediate high priority transmission to the operational center
Gradual stop function available as well where a vehicle can be halted by sending a pulse to immobilizer or the fuel pump that brings the vehicle to a gradual stop, thus ensuring the complete safety of life and money

Extensive Reports

Fuel reports that help in preventing fuel theft
Ignition Reports that say for how long the vehicle's ignition was turned on.
Idle reports that document how long ignition was kept ON without any movement
Stoppage Reports for evaluating the total time for which a vehicle did not move at all.
Optimized vehicle performance that allows you to get more advantages out of all the existing assets
Over Speeding Reports that show where a driver crossed the speed limits for better safety of occupants of a vehicle.
Distance reports that provide information on distance travelled within a particular period of time.
Unauthorized usage/over time report that keeps track of unauthorized use of a vehicle by a driver beyond the duty hours.
Reports on working hours that help in evaluating the work/stop/idle time in percentage for better utilization of the resources.